Get — Users of Chime’s Credit Builder card.
Who — Concerned about their credit score dynamics.
To — Regularly engage with Chime’s Credit Builder and value its impact.
By — Delivering insightful progress reports that reinforce positive credit behavior.

The Idea:

Credit building is a journey laden with uncertainty for many. Our goal was to demystify this process for Chime users, offering clarity and guidance through their credit score enhancement journey. The task was to craft communications that not only reported progress but also educated and encouraged responsible credit behavior.

Strategic Approach:

To foster trust and engagement, we initiated a targeted email strategy that provided users with a personalized monthly credit report. The strategy involved using clear, supportive language and actionable insights to empower users, transforming the often-stressful credit check into a positive touchpoint.


I spearheaded the content creation for a series of reporting emails that blended transparency with encouragement. The emails were designed to highlight key activities impacting credit scores, offer tips for improvement, and celebrate milestones, thereby making Chime an integral partner in the user’s financial wellness journey.


This strategic communication not only improved member retention by 23% but also saw card usage increase by 17%. These metrics underscored the effectiveness of the emails in engaging users and promoting a proactive approach to credit management.


This series exemplified the power of strategic copy to drive behavior and brand loyalty. By providing users with a clear understanding of how their actions affect their credit, we fostered a sense of control and progress, cementing Chime's role as a supportive ally in financial empowerment