Get — Chime members utilizing the Request Money feature.
Who — Need subtle reminders to settle up digital transactions.
To — Promptly fulfill payment requests using Chime’s platform.
By — Implementing a tailored reminder and notification system.

The Idea:

The digital economy thrives on the speed and convenience of transactions. Chime's Request Money feature needed to embody this efficiency, ensuring users complete transactions with ease. We aimed to design a reminder system that would encourage timely responses without becoming intrusive.

Strategic Approach:

Acknowledging the delicate balance between reminding and pestering, we developed a multi-touch communication strategy. The approach was rooted in behavioral insights, designed to nudge users toward completion of their payment actions through well-timed and progressively urgent reminders.


I oversaw the content strategy for a series of reminders, optimizing the frequency and tone to maintain user engagement without causing annoyance. The reminders were crafted to escalate in urgency, providing clear calls to action and making the process of settling up as frictionless as possible.


This strategy led to a 34% increase in the completion of money requests. The carefully calibrated communication sequence successfully prompted users to act, thereby streamlining the user experience and enhancing the overall efficacy of the Request Money feature.


This project showcased my ability to leverage nuanced copywriting to influence user behavior positively. It highlights my understanding of user engagement dynamics and the importance of timing in communication strategies, contributing to Chime's reputation as a user-centric financial platform.

Day 7 – communications sent to requestee

Day 13 – communications sent to requestee