Get — Fitbit users committed to health and fitness.
Who — Aim to optimize their wellness journey.
To — Choose Fitbit Premium for advanced tracking and personalized guidance.
By — Highlighting Premium's exclusive features through in-app notifications.

The Idea:

The campaign's goal was to bolster Fitbit's Premium service subscriptions by leveraging in-app notifications as a direct communication channel. The challenge was to create a compelling message that resonated with users' aspirations and encouraged them to upgrade.

Strategic Approach:

Acknowledging the power of personalized health insights, we crafted a series of notifications designed to showcase the tangible benefits of Premium membership. We experimented with different copy variants to find the most persuasive message for driving conversions.


I developed multiple copy variations, each highlighting a specific aspect of the Premium offering. The selected variant succinctly encapsulated the value proposition of Fitbit Premium, focusing on the user's potential to achieve their health goals through tailored programs.


The chosen notification variant led to a significant uptick in user engagement, resulting in a 7x increase in traffic to the Premium sign-up screen. This demonstrated the efficacy of the right message in the right place at the right time.


This project exemplified strategic UX writing's role in driving business objectives. It showcased my ability to synthesize product features into actionable insights that resonate with users and motivate them to take the next step in their fitness journey.


Winning variant