Get — New Netflix subscribers.
Who — Prefer to manage payments without credit cards.
To — Select online banking as their preferred payment method.
By — Crafting UX copy that promotes online banking as a convenient option.

The Idea:

The project aimed to pivot the way new subscribers think about payment options when signing up for Netflix. By promoting online banking as a reliable payment method, we ventured into new territory for the industry, shifting away from traditional credit card reliance.

Strategic Approach:

The challenge was to introduce a familiar banking method into a new context, ensuring users felt confident and informed. We focused on clarity and transparency in our UX copy to demystify the process and address potential subscriber hesitations about online banking.


As the Lead UX Writer, I crafted the user journey with meticulous attention to language that conveys trust and simplicity. The copy was designed to guide users through the new payment setup, reassuring them of the security and ease of the process every step of the way.


The new payment flow contributed to a notable decrease in annual involuntary churn by 36%, with 29% of new sign-ups opting for online banking. This significant shift in user behavior highlighted the effective alignment of UX writing with business goals.


This project underscores the profound impact well-considered UX writing can have on user adoption and retention. It exemplifies my dedication to creating intuitive digital experiences that align user needs with strategic business initiatives.