Get — Prospective homeowners seeking a simplified buying experience.
Who — Find the home-selling process daunting and complex.
To — Consider Opendoor as a streamlined solution to sell their existing home.
By — Highlighting the ease and efficiency of Opendoor through direct mail.

The Idea:

In collaboration with the home builder Lennar, Opendoor aimed to capture the attention of potential customers by presenting an effortless bridge from selling to buying a new home. This direct mail campaign was designed to stand out in mailboxes and succinctly communicate the benefits of Opendoor's seamless service.

Strategic Approach:

Understanding that our audience values clarity and convenience, the campaign was built around the principle of simplicity. The direct mail pieces were crafted to address common questions and concerns upfront, providing a clear pathway for homeowners to transition to their new Lennar home with Opendoor’s help.


The direct mail pieces I wrote conveyed Opendoor's value proposition with a focus on clear, concise communication. We aimed to strike a balance between being informative and driving urgency, encouraging immediate action from the recipients.


The campaign achieved a 4% conversion rate, indicating a strong response to the direct mail strategy. This success reinforced the effectiveness of targeted physical mail in a digital world, particularly when paired with a clear, value-driven message.


This initiative underscores the enduring power of direct mail in the digital age when executed with strategic intent. It highlights my adeptness at crafting persuasive content that translates into tangible business results, showcasing my capability to engage and motivate the target audience effectively.