Get — Homeowners seeking a hassle-free sale experience.
Who — Feel overwhelmed by traditional home selling processes.
To — Entrust their home sale to Opendoor's innovative platform.
By — Deploying ads that simplify the value proposition of Opendoor.

The Idea:

The Opendoor Q1 campaign was designed to cut through the noise of the real estate market by presenting a clear, no-nonsense approach to selling homes. We intended to reintroduce Opendoor’s services with a renewed focus on simplicity and transparency, speaking directly to the modern homeowner’s needs.

Strategic Approach:

We tested two distinct strategies: a direct response approach that prioritized clarity and brevity, and a brand awareness campaign that aimed to spark curiosity and establish Opendoor’s market position. Our goal was to determine which approach more effectively resonated with our target audience and drove conversion.


The direct response ads were crafted to deliver the most straightforward message possible, distilling Opendoor’s offering to its essence. Meanwhile, the brand awareness ads employed more creative elements, aiming to engage the audience’s imagination and convey the brand’s broader narrative.


This strategic A/B testing yielded 9 million impressions and demonstrated a significant preference among the audience, with a 2% conversion rate on display ads favoring the direct response strategy. These insights provided a clear direction for future marketing efforts, emphasizing the effectiveness of clear and concise messaging in driving user action.


This project stands as a prime example of strategic ad testing in action. It highlights my proficiency in developing targeted content and understanding market responses, resulting in actionable data that drives successful marketing strategies.

Direct response strategy

Brand awareness strategy