Get — Millennials seeking smart money management solutions.
Who — Are often confused about saving and investing.
To — Engage with Twine for managing their finances.
By — Capturing their attention with dynamic OOH mobile billboards.

The Idea:

The Twine OOH mobile billboard campaign was conceived to make a lasting impression in the brief moment it catches the viewer's eye. These moving billboards provided a unique challenge: to communicate Twine's message effectively and memorably in just a split second.

Strategic Approach:

We needed an approach that would not only grab attention but also convey Twine's value within the fleeting moments of exposure. The solution was a blend of humor and relatable scenarios, paired with visuals of the app interface to give a snapshot of the user experience.


The billboards were crafted with witty, concise copy that resonated with the financial dilemmas faced by many millennials. As the Copywriter, I injected humor into the message to make Twine stand out and included app screenshots to provide immediate context for the service offered.


The campaign was a success, generating 3 million impressions and demonstrating the effectiveness of creative mobile advertising in capturing audience attention and driving brand engagement.


This project showcased the innovative use of mobile billboards to break through the advertising clutter. It exemplified my ability to distill complex value propositions into engaging and understandable content, resulting in a successful OOH advertising strategy.