Get — Individuals coping with mental health challenges.
Who — Need efficient, compassionate care to regain equilibrium.
To — Engage with Virgil's Accelerated Therapy, a transformative program.
By — Refining Virgil's messaging to resonate deeply and motivate action.

The Idea:

Therapy can be a daunting prospect for many. Understanding this, Virgil sought to reimagine its service perception. The aim was to transform the narrative from intimidating to inviting, making the first step towards recovery a less daunting one. Our objective was to connect authentically with those in need and present Virgil’s program as a beacon of hope and rapid progress.

Strategic Approach:

My strategy was to delve into the emotional journey of potential customers, identifying key emotional triggers and barriers to seeking help. By conducting a thorough analysis of existing content and user feedback, I crafted a message map that aligned Virgil’s offerings with the emotional needs and desires of the target audience, ensuring the language was both aspirational and grounding.


I created content that spoke directly to the heart of the user's pain points, employing empathetic and empowering language to build a narrative of understanding, urgency, and hope. The revised landing page introduced Accelerated Therapy not just as a service but as a personal guide in the user's healing journey, emphasizing accessibility, personalized care, and the promise of a brighter, balanced future.


The new narrative and visual storytelling led to a remarkable 17% conversion rate, the highest in the company's history. This success demonstrated the power of resonant copy to not only engage users but to compel them to take the crucial step of seeking help.


This project stands as a testament to the transformative potential of targeted messaging. It highlights my commitment to leveraging insights for strategic communication that not only meets business goals but also serves a greater purpose—improving lives through better mental health access.