Get — Individuals confronting mental health challenges.
Who — Need accessible and compassionate mental health support.
To — Schedule a consultation with Virgil.
By — Crafting direct mail pieces that clearly communicate Virgil's empathetic and supportive services.

The Idea:

Virgil's direct mail campaign was an exploration into the potency of traditional marketing channels in the digital era. The initiative aimed to distill Virgil's message into a tangible format that could be held, felt, and acted upon, making a personal connection with the recipients.

Strategic Approach:

The campaign's strategy revolved around leveraging direct mail's physicality to highlight Virgil's digital convenience. We knew that to stand out in the clutter of daily mail, we had to blend brevity with impact—delivering our core message in a way that was both quick to grasp and compelling enough to inspire action.


I was responsible for conceptualizing the theme, designing the user experience, and writing the copy for these high-touch postcards. Each element was meticulously planned to ensure the message was empathetic and the call to action was clear, conveying the simplicity and ease of starting with Virgil.


This well-executed campaign achieved a 4.5% conversion rate, demonstrating the effectiveness of direct mail when combined with thoughtful design and copywriting. It affirmed the value of integrating traditional marketing tactics with modern health care solutions.


The success of this campaign reflects my ability to connect with an audience through a medium that transcends digital barriers. It showcases my commitment to creating marketing materials that resonate on a human level and drive meaningful engagement.

Version 1

Version 2