Get — Individuals grappling with mental health challenges.
Who — Seek a guiding voice to lead them towards well-being.
To — Foster a connection with Virgil's mission and offerings.
By — Developing an authentic, resonant, and compassionate brand voice.

The Idea:

Virgil's voice is more than a mere communication tool—it's a beacon for those navigating mental health complexities. Tasked with encapsulating this essence, I set out to create a voice and tone that would guide all branded communications, ensuring consistency and empathy at every touchpoint.

Strategic Approach:

In collaboration with the creative team, I sought out to understand the nuanced needs of our audience. This groundwork allowed us to craft a voice that was not just a medium for information but an extension of the support and care that Virgil stands for.


Virgil's voice and tone was meticulously developed to serve as the compass for all brand messaging. From the choice of words to the rhythm of sentences, each element was chosen to reflect Virgil's core values of empathy, guidance, and accessibility. The brand book became a foundational document that enabled every team member to communicate with one consistent, supportive voice.


The implementation of this brand book across our platforms transformed how users interacted with Virgil. It established a strong, identifiable brand presence that increased user engagement and reinforced Virgil's position as a trusted guide in the mental health space.


This project illustrates my commitment to creating brand cohesion through thoughtful, strategic communication. It highlights my ability to synthesize brand identity with user expectation, crafting a voice that's not only heard but felt—a voice that encourages, understands, and leads.