Get — Individuals seeking to enhance their mental health.
Who — Need guidance and regular support for their well-being.
To — Incorporate Virgil's insights into their mental health routine.
By — Providing actionable and enlightening weekly email content.

The Idea:

In the pursuit of mental wellness, ongoing support is key. Virgil’s Weekly Wisdom was envisioned as a lighthouse for those navigating the often-tumultuous waters of mental health. The aim was to offer more than just advice—these emails were to be a weekly ritual of reflection, learning, and growth.

Strategic Approach:

The strategy was founded on consistency and relevance. We sought to craft emails that delivered weekly doses of wisdom in digestible, actionable formats. The content was carefully tailored to engage users with practical tips, thoughtful insights, and real-time support, thereby fostering a community of informed and proactive individuals.


I led the creation of the Weekly Wisdom series, ensuring each installment was both informative and interactive. The emails were crafted to strike the right balance between offering guidance and encouraging self-discovery, with each message serving as a stepping stone towards better mental health practices.


The Weekly Wisdom email series became a cornerstone of Virgil’s engagement strategy, leading to increased user interaction and positive feedback. Users reported a greater sense of connectedness and empowerment in managing their mental health, validating the series' value.


This project underscored the significance of regular, meaningful communication in building trust and supporting the user's journey. It showcased my capacity to distill complex mental health concepts into approachable content, reinforcing my role as a purveyor of content that not only informs but also transforms.

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